Key.Aero your aviation destination launched in 2019

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Key Publishing launched Key.Aero in 2019 – an online platform offering subscribers access to its aviation brands’ news, world-class commentary and analysis wherever they may be.

Beginning with more than 15,000 pieces of content, Key.Aero will continue to build on a deep base of material with new magazine articles as they are published and a programme of exclusive features, podcasts and videos, covering flight simulation, historic, military and commercial aviation.

Access all areas

Key Publishing is famous for its unrivalled aviation journalism, which is created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Key.Aero brings together that legacy and expertise into an expanded digital form, enabling subscribers the ability to search, browse and access the content they want to suit their changing reading habits on a PC, phone or tablet.

Innovation and beta mode

Key Publishing is dedicated to innovating in ways that better serve its communities. Key.Aero marks the first online service to complement the four-decade-old magazine portfolio that continues to dominate its market. The new platform will be under continual scrutiny and improvement, led by subscriber feedback and behaviour as well as technological advances and developments.

Forum and Events

Key.Aero will also integrate the long-standing and lively Aviation Forum in order to enable the community to seamlessly move between commentary and debate, to share knowledge and to and take part in the conversations at the heart of the subjects they enjoy. And to help aviation enthusiasts plan their time, Key.Aero also hosts a comprehensive guide to aviation events around the world, detailing dates, times and visitor information.

Customers and community 

Group CEO Adrian Cox says, “Our communities have been the heart and soul of Key for forty years and we are delighted to extend our capacity to serve them through new, ever-evolving channels. Key.Aero marks the start of a new phase of development for us and for our dedicated subscribers – we look forward to them joining us on the journey”.

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